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It was 12th February 1980 when an inaugural meeting was held with 27 locals. Today, we are constantly being struck by events we'd like to bring to our community's attention. Here is a little history and a few of the event highlights.

A little history


Sports have always been prominent in Pitt Town and the surrounding district since its early days. Horse racing and cricket were some of the earliest sports, but there were also other unusual forms of competition concocted including sledge hammer carrying. This involved competitors running while holding a sledge hammer by a nail in the handle with only their forefinger and thumb. The winner being the one to cover the course in the shortest time without dropping the hammer. And then there was Gentleman George Dawson who was educated at Pitt Town in the 1870’s and went on to become Australian Lightweight Boxing Champion in 1891.

The Windsor & Richmond Gazette reported in June 1907 “we understand there is a probability of a good sports club being started in Pitt Town, where there are a number of fleet footed pedestrians. When events are held they are keenly contested and the public evince great interest in the proceedings. With little trouble a club could be formed that would not only province entertainment for the public, but also encourage muscular development in our young men. We hope to see a few public spirited men take the matter up.”

However this did not come about until 73 years later when a group of workers who used to meet for a quiet drink after work in Paul’s shed (where the new shops now stand), suggested they should get a place to meet apart from at work.

An inaugural meeting was held on 12th February 1980 when 27 locals attended. A steering committee was formed, and after another public meeting at the Pitt Town Public School on 17th March 1980, at which 49 people attended, a committee was formed with N.L. Strong as the first President, and a mandate to develop a sports club to serve Pitt Town and the surrounding district. 27 acres on the corner of Old Stock Route and Old Pitt Town Roads were applied for, of which 21/2 acres were set aside for a clubhouse.

The first clubhouse was a donated building which was transported to the site in 1987 and then extended – and so the Pitt Town & District Sports Club Limited came into being. A liquor license was sought but were told the club had to have a Bowling Club to qualify for a license, so the greens were then established. We now have numerous sports are affiliated with the club.

The new clubhouse as it now stands was opened by local member Ray Williams on 11th July 2010. Membership is open to males and females who enjoy equal privileges and new members are always welcome.

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Brad Cairns Vice-President
Brad Race Treasurer
Vaughan Profilio Director
Melissa Crane Director
Scott Sheridan Director
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VACANT Director

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