Anzac Day preparations underway for tomorrowPitt Town & District Sports Club

Anzac Day preparations are in full swing at the Pitt Town & District Sports Club as they gear up for tomorrow’s events. The club is busy putting the final touches on the arrangements to honor and remember the servicemen and women who have served our country.

From the dawn service to the traditional game of Two-Up, the club is getting ready to host a series of events to commemorate Anzac Day. The day will be filled with activities and ceremonies to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers.

Members of the community are invited to join in the commemorations and show their support for our veterans. It is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who have served and to come together as a community to honor their memory.

As the Pitt Town & District Sports Club prepares for Anzac Day, they are committed to ensuring that the day is a meaningful and respectful tribute to our servicemen and women. The club is proud to be a part of this important day and looks forward to welcoming the community to join in the commemorations.