Leader board after 14 rounds…….

Here is the current leader board after 14 rounds of intense competition. The top spot is currently held by Team A, having secured victories in 10 out of the 14 rounds. They have displayed exceptional teamwork and skill throughout the competition. Following closely behind in second place is Team B, with 8 wins so far. Team B has shown great determination and strategy, keeping them at the top of the leader board. In third place is Team C, with 7 wins, showcasing their competitive spirit and talent in the game.

Team D is in fourth place with 6 wins under their belt, proving to be a strong contender in the competition. Team E and Team F are tied for fifth place, each with 5 wins. Both teams have demonstrated resilience and a strong performance in the past rounds. Rounding up the leader board is Team G in sixth place with 4 wins, followed by Team H in seventh place with 3 wins. Despite the tough competition, all teams have shown great sportsmanship and dedication to the game.

As the competition progresses, the teams are gearing up for more challenges and aiming to secure their positions on the leader board. With only a few rounds left, the competition is heating up, and each team is poised to give their best performance. Stay tuned for the final results as the teams battle it out for the top spot on the leader board.